Ongoing developments use a new approach to non-linear physics which minimise the energy level to achieve physical transformation of the media. Our demonstrators allow us to offer rapid feasibility cycle for the production of your formulations in stable mini-emulsions without emulsifier, surfactant or adjuvants.
This innovative process is also realised at low temperature, low energy and low pressure. A safe approach that avoids the hazards associated with toxicity tests and compatibility of added products.



In existing industrial means, dispersion or homogenization are achieved with a lot of energy (high pressure/shearing) with chemical adjuvants.

We propose to study for you new technical solutions adapted to objectives for your applications which cannot be achieved by these traditional means and which do not require any adjuvant:

– reduce energy and dispersion or homogenization time by a factor of at least 5 compared to high pressure/shear means

– passing from an average droplet diameter of 50 microns to an average size close to one micron produces an increase in the combustion or contact surface by a factor of 50;

– produce from your formulations (active principles) versions without adjuvant having an unequaled skin penetration capacity by obtaining polarized droplets and of a size clearly smaller than the pores;

– introducing into an aqueous solution atoms (not ions) of solvated metals in the form of clusters or stable micelles (with a diameter of less than one micron) for example to carry out the catalysis of target reactions;

-create stable water-in-oil or oil-in-water emulsions for several hours to several years depending on the needs of your most diverse applications (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cleaning up of heat engines).


Starting from Common breakthrough

 SECURENGY is an design and engineering office that supports manufacturers for the implementation of new processes or systems using separate technologies or scientific fields mastered or in development with several of our partners to produce new processes and systems dedicated to your applications. .

  – High performance decontamination or washing system (chemical, biological, nuclear)

  – Use of nonlinear systemic resonance for the production of micellar water without adjuvant, stable instant foams and mini-emulsions.

– Assistance in partnership with  FRACTAL SCIENTIFIC Company (USA) for the adaptation of thickness sensors (monitoring of stress corrosion or cavitation) in pipes in a nuclear environment.

  – Studies on hybrid airships (aerostats with dynamic lift) for security applications

  – RFID traceability of equipment and predictive maintenance with HUMS (system on duty in the French Army).

– Development and industrialization of truly non-lethal technologies for intermediate security weapons. 2008-2022  now on the market with SECURINOV

    Studies conducted with an industrial partner demonstrate our ability to move on to the development phase of industrial production tools or integration into an injection device while ensuring reproducibility of the required physico-chemical properties.

Our achievements are based on recent mathematical models developed by a partner specialized in nonlinear multi-resonances.

Polarization makes oil droplets dynamic 

allowing normally incompatible principles to be combined in a stable way.

(800x optical microscope video- Graduation : 10 microns(

Trigger the VIDEO and watch carefully; droplets are showing Brownian motions